Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chapter 9 Questions to Consider...

How would you define successful mastery of your lesson objectives from a behavioral view of learning?
I would conduct a task analysis. This would both identify goals and objectives for instruction, as well as show topics and skills. There are three different methods for doing this. The first is a behavioral analysis. This identifies the specific behaviors required to perform a task. The second is a subject matter analysis. This breaks down the subject matter into specific topics, concepts and principles, The third is an information processing analysis. This specifies the cognitive processes involved in a task. All of these processes could identify specific behaviors and show mastery of various lesson objectives.
Consider your CSEL intervention case study.  Are there tools from a behaviorist view for either encouraging productive behaviors or discouraging undesirable behaviors that you could apply to the case?  What are they?
I think the most important aspect of encouraging desirable behaviors is to set the ground rules in the very beginning. The end results- the terminal behaviors- will ultimately derive from the ground rules and behaviors set in the beginning. It is harder to change a behavioral habit then to simply encourage a continued good behavior. Another important aspect to consider is to encourage positive behaviors by consistently reinforcing them. To discourage unwanted behaviors, I would notify the students of desired and undesired behaviors ahead of time so that I could address the misbehaviors appropriately. I also think administering punishment privately is always the best bet.

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