Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chapter 10 QTC's...

Chapter 10
Which of the learning activities/skills can you think of that lend themselves to learning through modeling?
I think most behaviors can be learned through modeling. I don't think that simply modeling a specific behavior or skill once or twice will lead students to learn new behaviors, however I do think modeling some level of a desired skill or activity constantly will reinforce the learning on other levels. Modeling mixed with other forms of learning with both create an authentic form of instruction that students can watch and relate too as well as better understand through watching. 
How might self-efficacy and self-regulation contribute to the intervention plans you use in your case study?
Self efficacy and self regulation are important aspects of learning and learning competency. For the early childhood case study involving Willard, I think it would be important to embrace his attention span and help him focus in other ways. I might allow Willard to stand while working on  various assignments rather than sit so that he can fidget and move and hopefully maintain some level of concentration. Once Willard sees that he is able to focus standing, hopefully his self efficacy will improve and he will want to try and focus while sitting down. This will require some level of concentration and self regulation. It will be hard for Willard, as such a young child, to learn to self regulate but I do think that once he finds a certain level of pride in doing what is expected of him, the natural next step will be for him to change his behavior to keep feeling that sense of pride.

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  1. Georgia,
    I liked your comments on working with Willard to increase his ability to focus and concentrate in non-traditional ways. I think helping others to realize that they can learn things outside the box or in a different way really does increase their self-efficacy. For my boys, I remember buying one of those exercise balls and allowing them to sit (definitely not still) on it while we were doing reading or math or things that required them to stay more or less in one place. They realized that they did have some control over their actions and I think it really helped them. You are definitely on the right track!