Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on class, 1/24

              Class today was beyond interesting. Listening to the mishaps and mistakes that teachers and peers have made in the past made my first year not so daunting. Some of the mistakes we talked about were humorous and others not so much. Knowing that I am not alone in fearing making a mistake or in actually making one is a comforting thought. One of the mishaps we talked about today was when my professor witnessed a very bloody and violent fight over a girlfriend. I have never had experience with older students and have always stuck with and felt comfortable around the little ones who don't seem to get into too many gruesome fights. The thought of me having to intervene in a situation like this has certainly come to mind but I have never thought farther than that. Knowing what I learned today, I think I am better prepared for dealing with a situation like this in the future, should that happen. We talked a lot about how to turn "garbage" to "gold" because every word out of the teachers mouth matters. The students will mirror the teachers behavior and if the teacher is acting disrespectfully, the students will too. Simply learning how to rephrase common sayings such as "Stop interrupting me! to "I'm going to finish talking, then you may have your turn." was a helpful guidance tool that I know I can already utilize.

             Often times as teachers, we make mistakes. It's scary for me to accept and admit that this will happen because I know that when it does, I'm not just responsible for myself but all of the students I am setting an example for. Discussions such as the one we had today make me feel more competent in the area of discipline and certainly more prepared for my future as a teacher.

Below is a little haiku about disciple :)

Respect and show love
To your teachers and your peers
And they'll do the same

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  1. I too learned by rephrasing your words, it can have a positive impact towards the student. It is also something I have to start developing as I continue to learn more about what being a teacher is all about.

    The haiku sums it up very well.